Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An Amazing Story to Share

I felt, at the time of Joshua's surgery, that we had all been through the ringer. It was a difficult time for the whole family, and it took us a while to come to terms with the changes in our life and for our son.

He had been through major surgery, known real pain and fear for the first time in his life, and aside from the recovery and meds he was on for a time, he also lost a great deal of his control over his vocal chords. That change was permanent. His bones healed, his meds were eventually stopped. But his voice will never be the same. The bright, vibrant tone was gone, and in its place was a breathy, hard-to-hear ghost of his former voice. I missed his loudness. I missed his singing "Jesus Loves Me".

But as time passed and the memory of his little boy voice faded, his strength returned greater than before, his meds were discontinued as his checkups returned a clean bill of health, and I realized how very, very blessed we are that his heart condition does not require constant monitoring, constant meds, or constant care.

Today I was catching up on some online reading and researching and came across a link to this blog: It is the story of a mother who gave birth to her second child expecting perfect health and was surprised by a special needs baby.


And I counted my blessings all over again. I can relate - as a mom, as a mother of a boy whose health was not perfect. But in reality, I relate to her only on a baby scale, only in the tiniest of perceptions.

This mother's story is powerful, evocative, and inspiring. Get out the BIG box of tissues - and get ready to be inspired.

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Anonymous said...

What an inspiring story. Beautiful, and encouraging. Thank-you for sharing.. I have added it to my blogs to follow. I shed a lot of tears. Mom~


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