Monday, October 13, 2008

Josh's One Year Anniversary

On Sept. 26th we marked one year since Josh's heart surgery. Josh and I went out for a special breakfast while Grandma J. watched the girls. It was interesting to hear what Josh remembered about that time and those days in the hospital. I'm glad to be past the one year mark. One whole year of health, one year that the surgery has helped him grow stronger and one year closer to a normal life. It's a relief, and we praise God for His mercy and His healing touch!!

I'm working on a montage but I'll have to add it later, after I get caught up a little! I'm way behind on my posts!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW, already one year!! He looks so good. You can heardly see his scar. I see that as amazing in itself. We too are very thankful for God's healing touch, and His direction in all this. Every day with Josh is an added bonus. Life is a gift, and this gift was huge! Give him big hugs from Grandma Snicklefritz, and Papa..


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