Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Visit From A Little Birdie

A few days before these pictures were taken a little bird hit our big window and fell to the ground. When he didn't get right up, I went outside, picked him up, and Josh and I sat on the front steps and he sat on my finger while we talked about the beautiful little bird God had made and what a blessing it was that we could touch him. When he regained his bearings he flew a little ways away and landed on the tree. Two days later Josh was playing outside and kept telling me I had to come outside and pick up the birdie. I finally went out and discovered our little friend was back! There he was sitting on the old rock entry and as I approached him he sat looking at me without fear and let me pick him up again! We sat on the steps again looking at the bird and talking about God's creation for several minutes, got some pictures, and began to wonder when he was going to rejoin his friends. Finally we started to hear some chirping in the big walnut tree and then suddenly he let out a wonderful chirp right from his perch on my hand! It was amazing! I don't know why he didn't fly up into the tree, but after a few minutes of furious chirping, I took him over to the tree and placed him on a branch, and from there he hopped up the branches and back to his family. We listened to them talking to each other for quite a while before things quieted back down. It was really an amazing experience! July 20, 2007.

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