Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

Close to where Colby has been working is this lake, Big Twin, where even in March they are still out on the ice in their shanties, fishing and hanging out. This was the day I forgot to send Colby to work with a lunch. He called me up before I left home and asked if I'd bring his checkbook and the iron as well as his lunch. So I packed up the kids and headed out... with no lunch, no iron, and no checkbook. When I got into town, I decided to just get a pizza that we could all eat, and headed on up to the jobsite. When I got there, Colby asked me where the iron was, and reminded me that if I didn't bring it he'd have to leave work to go get it. So I said I'd go back home and pick it up, which took me a lot longer than expected. I couldn't stay awake! I barely made it home with my eyes open before pulling in the driveway, putting the car in park, and leaning the seat back. I napped for 20 minutes with the kids in their carseats wondering what was going on! Then I ran in the house, grabbed the iron and checkbook, and headed back out. To make the rest of this long story short, I left the jobsite with a check and deposit slip to deposit for Colby, which I promptly forgot and headed straight home. Only to make a 3rd trip to town to right that oversight.
Let's just say that "pregnancy brain" has hit me particularly hard during this third trimester. Just be happy I haven't forgotten the kids anywhere. Good Grief.
March 8, 2007.

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