Thursday, February 08, 2007

My New Car!

And here's a picture of my new car! We got it two weeks ago tomorrow, then drove it south the same day. When we got home I came down with this terrible cold, so I haven't had much of a chance to drive it. It's really fun, though! It has windshield wipers and squirters that work, and heated seats, and a radio that picks up more than 2 stations! And I'm really excited by the air conditioning for when summer comes and I have a little one that can't handle the wind of all the windows rolled down! This is really so much more than I hoped for and I'm very grateful for it! Feb. 7, 2007. Posted by Picasa


Old Logger Productions said...

Wow!!! Nice wheels.. I love your car, it looks nice, and comfy. I'm sure the extra room will come in handy this spring.. I bet your happy that everything works, unlike your last vehicle....!! I like everything about your new car!! You even have a luggage rack!! Cool.

April said...

Very cool!! Just in time for your new addition too! Sounds like it's got all sorts of bells & whistles - fun!!


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