Sunday, January 22, 2006

Colby and Josh in the fun tube again! It won't be long until Josh is really that tall! My kids are growing up so fast! At church yesterday I was busy with the baby when the time came for Children's Story and the next thing we knew Josh was heading up to the front of the church with his Lamb's Offering basket, collecting money! So we watched in amazement as he gathered up the money, put it in the box, then climbed up on the front pew next to Emma D. and listened to the story! Grandpa J. went up once to remind him to sit still, but aside from that, he responsibly took HIMSELF to Children's Story! He surely has a mind and a WILL of his own! Last night he woke up and I heard him crying in his room around midnight. I went in to him and he said he couldn't fnd his cup. So we found his cup, tucked him back in, and I went back to bed. 5 minutes later he was opening up his door and going out into the hallway. Colby got up that time, to find him heading downstairs with his cup to get more water! I can't imagine how independent he'll be next year at this time, or in 5 years time, or when he's 15! Jan. 20, 2006 Posted by Picasa

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