Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Colby and Lisa dancing in the living room before a Youth Group harvest party. Oct. 2002. Posted by Hello

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SpangledAngel said...

Hi, Lisa -

I decided to leave a comment on this picture because I love it. It shows that the you and your husband are truly in love. Trust me, that is something that more people need to see - too often people give up on love and think that it is only that "real" in the movies. I used to be one of them. But seeing you and your husband is a reminder that it is possible, even off the screen.

Thanks for responding to my post about my ex. Yeah, it was me that had the problem. I put in those terms because my mom reads my blog and I didn't want to be totally obvious. I really like how you put it - sex is a bonding experience. That's what I can't seem to explain to him. But oh, well. Better to find out now than later on down the road. And this just leaves the door open to find an amazing and affectionate person to love.

I love the pictures of Joshua! He is beautiful! And congratulations on your second child on the way!! That is so exciting. I love children and I volunteer with triplet infants whose mother is ill, and their 2-year-old sister. It gives me my baby/toddler fix since I'm not ready to have my own yet :-)

How do you like Michigan? I've never been but I plan on going during my big road trip. I hope to make it there by late summer or early fall. I don't necessarily want to go to the tourist-y parts, but where else would you recommend going? I'm interested in the smaller towns, mainly. I'll be just camping or sleeping in my car. (Doing this on the cheap, so I can't afford motels.)

Anyway, thanks again, so much, for your response. I really enjoyed looking at all your pictures and learning a lot about your family from just a tiny bit of webspace. It's great. Enjoy eating for two!

All the best,


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